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you should know cat do not like humans

I love researching and experimenting with ideas, science, and creativity. My mission is to build human and environment centric products for a better tomorrow.

However, for now my plate is full with

  • My employment as a fullstack developer in
  • Spending more time playing valorant and listening to music.

Side projects and ideas

  • KIttyBeat- quickly download as audio or video formats
  • Personal Tracker- Track passwords and investments across platforms with Google cloud security, for free
  • DUNO- Watch and download anime, series, movies etc
  • Link Tho- Store your important links in one single page
  • ITER alumni- ITER alumni sharing their corprate experience with teenagers
  • Open Up- Explore, discover and consume public APIs as simpler programmable building blocks all on one platform for a 10x developer experience

*Batteries not included.

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